Cicada Language is designed to be extremely accessible.
Code blocks embedded in Markdown file are interactive on our website.
Hovering over the following code block, you will see a menu button, by which you can RUN the code.
Any Markdown file on GitHub or GitLab, can be rendered as an Article by Readonly.Link, in which the cicada code blocks are interactive.
We also support rendering Book and Manual. Please visit Readonly.Link to see instructions.
  • For example, the manual you are reading now, is rendered as a Manual by Readonly.Link.
Thus our website can be viewed as a git-based wiki of books, articles and more, by which we can share programs and formalized proofs.
We also provide a set of command line tools.
The command line program is called cic, you can install it using npm by the follow command:
npm --global install @cicada-lang/cicada
After installed the program, run cic will open our REPL.
You can also run cic help to see help messages for other commands (such as run and watch).
For example, you can run a Markdown file:
cic run ~/xieyuheng/the-little-typer-exercises/src/
and you can also run a URL:
cic run ""